xml u2 and xml t6, which flashlight is brighter?

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[ Jan 09th ]CREE XML2 v.s. XML T6, which is brighter?

With the LED technology evolved in recent years, CREE Flashlight is the most popular flashlight products now, but many starters don't know how to choose. What's the difference with different modes and which type is better for illumination or camping? So this article combined with the latest information about flashlight-related knowledge.

       CREE LED also has a lot of series and models, here simply discuss about several commonly used types . (As MCE, P7, SST50 are the old products, low efficiency will not be mentioned)
       XRE Q5-WC, XPG R5-1A, XML T6-1B
       Above is several CREE common LED.

       Q5, R5, T6 refers to the LED level.
       The level of XRE is P3 P4 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q5 R2
       The XPG rating is R3 R4 R5 S2 S3
       The level of XML is T4 T5 T6 U2 U3

       The higher the level, the higher the luminous efficiency. Brightness difference between every two levels of about 7%, the naked eye can not be accurately distinguished. XRE, XPG, XML refers to the LED series.
       In addition to these types, there have been flashlight XRC, XPE, XPC, MCE and so on. Series means the appearance is the same. XRE luminous angle is the smallest, suitable for long-range flashlight. XPG luminous core area and angle is larger than XRE , XML light-emitting core and angle is the largest. These two kinds need a higher requirement on the light cup size for made of concentrating type flashlight, but is better on floodlight . The actual use of flashlight is mainly on flood lighting.

       About the XML, recently a new version has released - XML2. So here back to the question, XML2 vs XML T6, which is brighter?  

       Here needs to clarify a concept, XML2 is not a brightness level, is the second generation of LED lamp beads, T6, U2 is the brightness level. XML has T6, U2 and other brightness levels, XML2 also have U2 level. With the same level of color temperature of the lamp beads, XML2 is about 10% higher than the theoretical luminous flux of XML (generally considered the brightness).

       Therefore, XML2 T6 is brighter than XML T6, XML2 U2 is brighter than XML2 U2, and XML2 U2 is certainly brighter than XML T6.


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