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[ Dec 20th ]How to close a friction-lock-type baton

If you ever own a friction lock type baton, you must have encountered a bad experience on how to close the extended baton. Simple force usually not works, the tubes could be jammed at the knots if force direction is not vertical precisely.

Here’re some tips to help you close a frict baton:

  1. Hit the baton on a hard place, for example, the cement ground, you need to strike it vertically and be careful to loose the locked knots, strike it again and harder again, the steel tubes will become loose and retract finally.
  2. Use the side of a hammer. This is the most effective way we recommend, use the side of a hammer not the front to strike on the top of your baton stick, first gently and then knock harder again and again, the tubes will become loose very soon under the shaken power of a hammer.

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