Tactical batons mechanism and categaries

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[ Dec 20th ]Know about tactical batons and it's categaries

Here, we are talking about tactical batons especially used in security, law reinforcement and defense, for example, police batons, security guard baton, etc. 

In the most old times, batons especially mean the police baton stick, which also named as billy club, police truncheon or nightsticks. the stick is made of wood and cannot retract, it's a symbol of power and order in the past. 

Batons have been evolving and changed a lot nowadays. Most government and police officers have been utilized the metal steel batons instead of wood, also these new mode of batons are expandable, collapsed into three tubes and easy to carry with a belt pouch or holder.  ASP tactical batons are well known as the advanced manufacture technology and standard for U.S. Law Reinforcement and Police Security Equipment.

Mainly there're several types of expandable batons in market based on the mechanism:
1.Friction Lock. Has been widely used in most batons. The baton locked by the friction of the knots between tubes when expanding, therefore the connection knots has been well overlapped to ensure that it won't be unlocked while striking. There's a steel slot at the end of the baton, between the bottom cap and handle, it's consist of one round chasis and 2 pieces of springs. while the baton collapsed, the springs will stuck inside of the innermost tube inner side, so the tubes will not slip out.

2. Magnetic Lock. The difference is the bottom steel slot has been changed into magnet. magnetic lock type has two drawbacks: First, the tail cap occupy a considerable length, compared with the friction lock, the length of the extension of the magnetism is very short, that is to say, the magnetic type takes up larger length after the baton's retracted ; Second, magnetic baton have bad influence on daily carries, Watches, magnetic cards and other items have adverse effects. Of course, this does not mean that magnetic-type has no good, friction lock batons with excessive or long-term tension in the state there will be fatigue, magnetic-type can solve this very good, the magnet can continue to provide uniform and moderate attraction; In addition there are a lot of magnet-type batons installed the magnet inside the innermost tube, so it can reduce the useless length.。

3.Ejection-type Lock: a self-eject baton structure. The first section of the roots added a circle of grooves, in the contraction, the handle of the steel slot will be stuck in the groove, press the handle on the switch, the clamp lift, the tubes inside the strong spring will pop out the first two sections. Disadvantages: the switch on the handle will affect the grip and comfortability.

4.Mechanical lock: the first three types are friction-locking mechanism, relying on friction locking to expand. The mechanical latch-type batons are to rely on the springs of connecting part to complete the lock state while expanding. Closing is easy to press the button on the tail handle. Advantages: First, the lock solid, stretched state can withstand a large vertical force and will not retract; Second, retraction is convenient. Disadvantages: First, the knots between tubes will slightly shaking and not so tight as the friction types; Second, the complex structure is easy to malfunction and hard to repair.

All the above are classified according to the structure of the expandable batons. According to other different standards, batons can also be divided into a variety of types, such as:
Based on different materials, it can be divided into steel batons, aluminum alloy batons, nylon batons; Based on the handle types, it can be divided into rubber handle batons , steel embossed batons; Based on the number of sections, it can be divided into two, three, four section batons, etc.

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