Difference between CREE Q5 and T6 bulb tactical flashlights

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[ Dec 20th ]What's the difference between CREE Q5 and T6 Tactical Flashlights?

XML-T6 and XRE-Q5 are the current most popular models of CREE Tactical Flashlights in market, they have better brightness performance than the previous 3W series. When you are looking for a tactical flashlight and want to buy a CREE one, you need to know what's the difference between T6 and Q5 series.

Both T6 and Q5 are the bulbs of CREE Flashlights, but the power output are different. Q5 is 5w, T6 is 10w. For the appearance, Q5 bulb is very small, T6 one is bigger, that explains the different features: Q5 has a very long range illumination, while T6 has wide brightness scope and brighter at instant distance.

CREE XRE Q5 is better on cooling function. It's lower poweroutput and long distance brightness donot require a massive power energy as T6, you couldnot notice the heat during the use of Q5. While T6 is easily to get hot but it's super bright, that's why most T6 flashlights are bigger - for cooling.

Here's a youtube video to show the brightness between Q5 and T6 Tactical Flashlights:

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