Class 3 household Green Red Purple Laser Pointer

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Laser Pointers (1)

Laser pointer, also known as Laser Pen or Star Pointer, is the design of visible laser as portable, hand-easy grip, laser module (light-emitting diode) processed into a pen-type transmitter. Common laser indicators are red (λ = 650 ~ 660nm, 635nm), green (λ = 515-520nm, 532nm), blue (λ = 445 ~ 450nm) and purple violet light (λ = 405nm) and so on.

Purple Laser Pointer Pen is a new color of laser pens, also named as violet laser pointer, the light color is dimmer than blue and some part of laser is invisible. Most purple laserpens in market are class 2 or 3b types, it's beautiful laser color makes it more popular in daily and home use.

Usually in the report, teaching or tour guides, it will be used to cast a light spot or a light beam to the object, but in some specific place, such as art galleries (some paintings photophobia) or zoos, it should not be used.

Improper use of laser pen may cause serious damage to the retina, or even blindness, it should not be used by Children.

At night even low-power green light (better than purple and red) can be seen because of the Rayleigh scattering of atmospheric molecules, which are often used by astronomers for pointing stars and constellations. Green laser pointer can have a variety of output power. 5mW is safest to use, and is also visible under dark lighting, so there is no need for more power for pointing purposes.


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